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About Us

Welcome to Authentic Natural Stone. We are specialists in modern stone products. Authentic Natural Stone prides itself on providing the highest quality stones to various projects around Australia.

We believe it’s important for buyers visit a showroom so that they can get a feel for the product, touch it and see it with their own eyes. We find that many people are purchasing the wrong type of tile for the job as they are not speaking to experts in regards to the pros and cons, where they are placing the tile and what the design is that they are trying to achieve.

We at Authentic Natural Stones have an extensive knowledge of all the products we sell and deal with. Therefore, you can rest asure that you will be getting the best product, the best deal and the best prices for your projects.

Whether you’re a builder, architect or designer with plenty of experience or you’ve decided to renovate your Home yourself - we encourage everyone to visit a Showroom in order to get a feel for the design & material and speak to an expert about your requirements. We are open 7 days.